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KePro Review By Innovative Medicine

“Take your Probiotics,” said everybody and their mother. Be it supplements or natural sources, probiotics have become a mainstay in people’s health routine. Nearly 75% of Americans were found to depend on some form of probiotic according to the Natural Products Insider global retail market report. Of this, 70% consumed natural probiotics. Kimchi, sauerkraut, and yogurt are a few go-to natural probiotics. Expanding the landscape in this market segment is kefir, a centuries-old, yogurt-like drink which seems to be all the rage now in the United States. What’s all the hype about kefir? And why is it different from good old yogurt? We’ll break this down below, talk about some kefir benefits, and review KePro, a kefir-based probiotic drink. But...

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