KePro - Kefir Probiotic Powder

KePro - Kefir Probiotic Powder

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What is Kefir?

Kefir is a yogurt-like fermented drink made from starter grains. It’s a centuries old
cultured probiotic which is Turkish for “feeling good”. Originally derived from Turkey/Eastern Europe, in recent years, Kefir made its way to the western worlds and has gone mainstream due to a general increase in gut health awareness.

All-things-gut-microbiome are currently trending and for good reason. Gut health goes far beyond a mere focus on digestion alone. Did you know? The gut-brain axis impacts our immune system function, mental health, cardiovascular health and much more!

Not surprisingly, probiotics such as Kefir are a great way to give a 360 degree boost to your health. KePro, a powdered Kefir formulation is a game changer when it comes to Kefir-based probiotics currently available in the digestive health market.

KePro being a protein heavy probiotic, offers more benefits than the traditional Kefir product both in its formulation and nutrient profile. It’s a fully organic, kosher, GMO, preservative, and gluten free product. KePro contains vitamins, minerals, protein, healthy fats, healthy gut bacteria and yeast for the micro and mycobiome. For a full spec sheet, distribution or retail options for KePro, please send an email to 

What exactly do we mean when we say KePro is a game changer? See what Innovative Medicine, a global leader in holistic health and wellness has to say about how KePro can transform your gut health.

Innovative Medicine (IM) is a New York based integrative medicine & wellness company dedicated to reshaping healthcare. With a primary goal to redefine how healing is understood IM and their flagship clinic, NYCIM like our Resident Gut Guru, Trevor Zabar, are leading the way when it comes tor reversing chronic illnesses and understanding how our Gut Microbiome plays a crucial role.

Part of their mission like ours here at Pure Vida is to educate people about what it means to restore their innate abilityto self-heal. The IM team believes that using clean and quality health supplementsis the first step to reclaiming one’s health. To this end, they regularly review a wide array of products for gut, brain, and endocrine health. Their clinical productreviews are the result of careful scrutiny of quality, bioavailability and the product’s ability to support the natural healing tendencies of the human body.

KePro, is one product that recently underwent testing and review at Innovative Medicine’s clinic